Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Birthday in paradise and It Must Be Real - It's In The Bookseller!

I have woken to the most beautiful morning in paradise another year older. I can hand on heart heart say I have never been happier, which says a lot as it's thankfully been a very happy life, a very blessed one.
This is view this morning. DH has been out snorkelling already and all three kids are still sound asleep. They have planned a birthday breakfast here in the room and then they day on the beach lounging and reading...bliss. We fly back to Dubai late tonight and then realities of being a mum with kids studying for important exams takes over....attila-the -mum...up at 8:00 at the books by 8:30 (I hate this part of motherhood)...oh and I guess returning to the realities of being a writer too and thinking about book two...(still pinching myself!)

But I can hold onto the most wonderful week ever...I am going to published in the UK, Holland, and ??? It must all be true because it was in the The Bookseller. As a trying-to-get-published-writer, The Bookseller looms large in your imagination and now to be in it....well, a dream come true.


Christine said...

Well done. Enjoy the moment.

Carole Blake said...

Happy Birthday Liz: and happy publication days to come! You and your wonderful novel have many more deals to look forward to, I can assure you. What a fun week we've had.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday too! Love a success story :-)

Ann Patey

Brigid Coady said...

Happy Birthday you very clever person!

liz fenwick said...

Thank you Christine - I did.

Carole - it has been the most amazing week...

Ann, thank you so much

Thanks Biddy