Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dubai Rugby 7s - Saturday Fun and an England Win

Ben Gollings, England Captain

James Rodwell (facing)

Dan Caprice

Saturday began well (see limo pic) and proceeded to improve culminating in an England win. Only thing that would have improved the day would have been a better result for the US team but one can't have everything.

As you can see I have fellow Heroine Addict, Biddy Coady, with me in many of the photos.

Biddy and Liz

Biddy and Moi avec wings

Ben Gollings and England Fan

Needless to say the fabulous actual rugby photos are courtesy of DH...he also did a great job of capturing the end of the evening celelbrations with the England team and their

James Rodwell

Biddy and Chris Cracknell

Biddy and James Rodwell

Chris Cracknell

The Trophy

Ollie Lindsay-Hague

Dan Norton

Chris Cracknell

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