Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer in the City and Links

This weather is just glorious - it's truly summer and to celebrate it the other night I was able to go another gathering of twitter people. This one was BookTwicNic in Regents Park. Don't ask me why but I felt like a student again picnicking on a summer's eve with the Pimms freely flowing...which of course led to great conversation and eventually having to clamber over the gate to get out of the park (maybe that's where the student feeling comes in...) Here's a few photos to give you a flavour.

Writing wise I am making progress on Penderown albeit slowly. I'm putting in more scenes at the beginning which I believe deepen the characters sooner and I finally feel I know Demi well enough to properly tell her story. Chapter One is finished and I was about to post it with the other first chapter on my website but then stopped - because of scene two's more adult nature. Have any of you had this issue when posting bits of your work on the web and if so how did you handle it?

Finally a few links....

Here's one from Jennifer Crusie The Basics of Fiction that's not for the faint hearted but good for revision

Another spot on post by Sarah Duncan

Anita Burgh tells How It Is

A good fix for saggy middles from T. Anne

How to add character to your synopsis from Julie Cohen


JJ Beattie said...

Your picnic looks gorgeous.

DJ Kirkby said...

Great photos, I was sad that I couldn't join you all.

Debs said...

Well done on the progress of your book.

It looks like everyone had a lovely evening.

canadiancat said...

Lovely photos Liz, glad to have shared the fence jumping and walk to the Underground with you. All best.

jenny wilson said...

great photosx

liz fenwick said...

Thanks JJ

Sorry you couldn't make DJ

Debs - the book is going - I could wish it was a bit more quick

Canadiancat - it was fun wasn't it

Thanks Jenny


Sarah Callejo said...

I'm glad Penderown is progressing and thanks for the links.