Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The London Launch of Like Bees to Honey

Last night I ventured into North London for the London launch of Caroline Smailes's third book LIKE BEES TO HONEY and what a wonderful night it was. The Big Green Bookshop was packed and buzzing when I arrived with Bridid Coady. My quickly snapped photos don't even begin to capture the atmosphere -I have to say it was a bit like old home week in a very weird way. Why you ask? Well, yes, I knew a few of the people from elsewhere (Julia Williams and Brigid from the RNA for example and a wonderful group of Novel Racers past and present - Cathy W, Helen, Kev, Tali....) but I knew so many people from Twitter. There were a few squeals and oh my God going around all over the place as in flesh connections were made - it was brilliant. The only time silence descended on the room was when Caroline read beautifully from the book. (I have to say I always hear her voice when I read her words - the rhythm and tone of her voice is perfect for her words).

Below where possible I have identified people in the photos. (If I haven't named and shamed you and you'd like to be please let me know or if I have and I have missed you up or misspelled your name again please let me know!). It was simply a brilliant night...thank you Caroline and The Big Green Book Shop

The venue

A glimpse at the packed room

Julia Williams in conversation (she's in black and red)

Scott Pack, Julia Lampam and Brigid Coady

Caroline signing books

The hush during the reading

Caroline back signing again

Caroline and DJ Kirby

Moi and Caroline

Note the Maltese beer

Jen @ SpiralSkies

A group shot but in the centre Tamsyn Murray enjoying the beer with Josa Young beside her
Kev aka Captain Black

A group shot - man in hat, Lacy Tiger, MissCellany, Ben Johncock, pretty blond lady and the back of Nina Douglas

Caorline, Brigid Coady and Tamsyn Murray (who also have a luanch for her book this week - note the Stunt Bunny stickers :-) )

p.s. i have a feeling the tags will not match the photos when I press publish so apologies for that - they do right now!


DJ Kirkby said...

Oh noooo I missed my chance to say hello to Captain Black! Great photos. x

L-Plate Author said...

Fab photos my darling. Thanks for putting them up for everyone who couldn't make it.

And it was great to put some names to faces too!

Roll on Saturday when I can see her xx

liz fenwick said...

Thanks - it was a brill night and your shoes were fabulous!!!

Talli Roland said...

Great photos! Lovely to meet you and everyone else!

SpiralSkies said...

Wow, fab photos of a completely fab night. "Flesh connections' is a splendid phrase... I might steal that for a story title :)

Can't wait to read Caroline's book now. I wonder whether my boss would let me take the rest of the week off?

Utterly brilliant to meet you at last.

liz fenwick said...

L-Plate - you must have slipped in while I was replying to DJ. A pleasure to provide photos - it's fun. Enjoy Caroline on Saturday.

Tali - it was such a lovely feel good evening. Brill to meet and look forward to the conference.

Spiral - that definitely sounds dodgy... maybe should edit :-) So wonderful to meet after how many years now? Must do it again soon. Yes, I want to read the book right now - or more correctly pick up where I left off on the digital book but the garden pebbles calls as does cleaning and then Cornwall...

Flowerpot said...

Great pics Liz - looks like a wonderful evening!

Anna Lewis said...

Some lovely pictures! Lovely to meet you last night.

SueG said...

If I've got this right, then not only did I NOT get to meet you last night, but you were one of the 2 women sitting across from me on the tube on the way there, plus I asked you where you got the wine glass and said I thought I saw you on the tube. And we still didn't recognize each other. Jeez!!

I only figured this out because your photos are so good. Oh well. Next time!!

liz fenwick said...

Thanks FP :-)

Lovely to meet you too Anna

Sue - how embarrassing and what a waste - we could have spent the whole tube journey chatting :-)


JJ Beattie said...

Oooh, Blogger's playing sillies...

I love the new look blog (I'm a bit behind!)

Thank you SO much for posting the pics... I almost feel I was there.

liz fenwick said...

JJ - wish you had been.

Sparx said...

Hi Liz - lovely to meet you last night - it was a really lovely launch indeed!

Chris Stovell said...

Wonderful photos and great to see so faces to familiar names.

Your blog's looking good too!

Debs said...

Thanks so much for the brilliant photos. I wish I could have been there too.

Tam said...

Fab pics (apart from the one of me slurping beer) and great to see you. I promise not to ask you about jet-lag next time...x

Captain Black said...

Good to meet you there. Don't let my miserable photo fool you!

DJ: I only realised late on that you were there. Oh well, next time.

Liz Harris said...

Great photos as usual, Liz. I was so sorry not to have been able to get there, so the photos were very welcome.

Many thanks,

Liz X