Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kyoto Again and the Joy of Being with Another Writer

It seems ages since we spent the weekend in Kyoto and I posted the last set of photos - heck I've been to England and back - and I'm off again tomorrow! But i did want to share some of the photos from our last day in Japan.
We walked through a wonderful bamboo forest. I can still hear the clacking noise of the bamboo as the wind pushed the tall stems together. It was almost like a symphony of percussion.
We wandered through a beautiful garden that was filled with so many plants that reminded me of our garden in Cornwall - made me quite homesick for it. I hope this week that the wisteria will still be in bloom.
Colour abounded every where even on a grey wet day. In fact I think the dullness of day made the vibrant colour more alive.

Last night I was lucky enough to have Janet Gover (Little Black Dress author - Farmer Needs A Wife) over for dinner. Poor dh had to put up with two writers chatting away about unreal worlds and plot problems. It certainly helped me to hear that she thought there was more than enough meat in the story to continue going. So another day of reading Maass and maybe I will write on the plane tomorrow with better results than the last time and definitely no champagne as I am in my normal stop in the back of the plane.


Biddy said...

The photos look amazing! I'm glad you and Janet got a chance to chat. Good luck with the writing!

JJ Beattie said...

Oh that bamboo looks in much greater order than when we saw a bamboo forest. Mind you, there were 170 wild elephants running around crashing into it, so that might explain it!

It made me laugh to think of you and the champagne: I sometimes get a bit over excited by free champagne when I'm further up the plane too!

Debs said...

Wonderful photos, Liz. I love bamboo, and have never seen pictures of a bamboo forest. I'd love to visit one.

Happy travelling.

Jan Jones said...

That bamboo forest is just surreal!

See you in July.

Steve Malley said...

Finally back online again, and those photos look great!

One thing I've always been fascinated by/struggled with as a painter: how to render that whole gray day/vibrant colour thing. The Victorians were pretty good at it, but me, not so much.

Now quit reading this and get back to your writing! :-)

Aretha Forrest said...

the bamboo forest reminds me of 'house of flying dangers' then they play the echo game in the green! looks really amazing

Tam said...

Wow, great pics! Hope your wisteria was still in bloom :-)

Fia said...

The colour of that bamboo. Amazing.

I must get that Donald Maas book. It's obviously inspiring you.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Beautiful photos - loved Kyoto, never felt so alien anywhere on the planet!

Leigh Russell said...

What amazing photos. And what a wonderful experience.
Choosing writing over champagne - that's real dedication, Liz. Good luck with it.