Monday, January 26, 2009

More Tales of the Unexpected

So everyone was a bit puzzled by the picture of large puddles outside my villa and me wearing a old fur coat here in Dubai. Just check out what happened this weekend in the Emirates! Here's a link for more photos from Gulf News.

Now back to writing issues......The progress metre hasn't moved. I have actually gone a bit further but not much. This is not at all like me. Once I begin something I am normally full speed ahead. I know how I want to proceed. In previous versions of August Rock I have three pov - Judith, Tristan, and Toby. So in Anne Robinson style - Tristan - you are the weakest link so his pov is cut. Great! But that leaves me with a very little story in a way. I start thinking do I have enough? Well, no, I don't or at least not as the story stands.

Two things come into play here. One is a comment made by lovely editor who rejected AR (but did say she wanted to see future work). She said she found herself much more interested in what happen to Judith before she arrived in Cornwall. I know all about it of course - I have to I'm the writer - yeah.

Well, step two was pulling out the wonderful Donald Maass book - Writing the Breakout Novel again and asking myself his bloody hard questions and things start pinging as they always do. (When I finally see one of my books in print I will have to send the man a thank you note at minimum and if I ever set eyes on him in person he's getting one massive hug). Toby's story remains the same but poor Judith is going to have an even harder time! So no problem then filling in Tristan's vacated view! Phew.

I also realized while doing this thinking I had purely by mistake titled the book well for Judith herself. August Rock is only visible above the water's of Falmouth Bay in a few very low tides in any year - so what happens when it decides to show itself?????

Okay - now head back down. How's your work going?


sheepish said...

This novel writing lark is hard work isn't it. But I am sure you will make it in the end because you have such drive and determination. I haven't written anything of my wip yet this year but I have written a short story and some poems and if I can summon up the courage i will put something on my blog.
Keep up the hard work.

liz fenwick said...

Sheepish - a short story and some poems - that's good going for January! Well done.

I'm moving a little bit faster now that I have a clearer idea of where I'm going. of course now the big question is - does it work or is it a waste of time :-)

Lane said...

Wow! Snow?

My progress is very slow. I'm trying to make some big decisions - like should I salvage some of the 'best' bits and start again. I really need to get the Maas book.

JJ said...

SNOW? Good grief.

How's it going? Well, slowly, I guess. Got to keep writing to meet my deadlines, but it feels rather slow. Still, slow is better than not writing at all.

Good luck to you.

Flowerpot said...

I'm bogged down in journalism deadlines so novel isn't getting a look in at the moment. Still at least I'm getting paid which is a bonus and I've got some really inresting interviews lined up. And it's writing!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

My reaction too, Lane. Snow! Don't like the stuff though!

Writing; slow but progressing. Hate to rush as I know I shall make tons of mistakes and end up rewriting the whole thing. It'll take a while but I'm determined enough to get there.

CJ xx

ChrisH said...

That Maas book was a brilliant recommendation for which I thank you - but sometimes it's hard, for me at least - to be really disciplined and do all the work he tells you to do!

Debs said...

Donald Maas is a genius. Mind you, I wish I could remember everything I've read in his book.

Stunned by the pics of snow. How strange to see that in the Emirates.

Debs said...

Donald Maas is a genius. Mind you, I wish I could remember everything I've read in his book.

Stunned by the pics of snow. How strange to see that in the Emirates.

Jan Jones said...


Liz, hon, you may not have noticed, but it really isn't April 1st yet.

B said...


No time.

But the urge is there. And I have a free day on Wednesday. :o)

Glad you're going well!

Julie Cohen said...

Go go go! You can do it! Writing is never wasted effort.

I'm writing character sheets right now and need to plunge into wip very soon.

Steve Malley said...

Glad it's going well!

I've got two more passes at my current material, then it's off to the Beta Readers...

HelenMHunt said...

I keep stalling on my novel and going off and doing other things - mainly short stories. I also must get the Maas book, I've heard lots of good things about it.

wordtryst said...

Snow in the Emirates? Is that some kind of Photoshop hoax?

liz fenwick said...

Lane - I know the book works for me. It asks hard questions and makes me answer them which makes the work stronger!

JJ - I think having these deadlines is brilliant for you :-) Keep going.

FP writing no matter what is great but getting paid - well bl**dy fantastic. Keep it up!

CJ it doesn't matter how long it takes so long as you are on the journey :-)

ChrisH - I haven't done all the work but it does move me along when I get stuck.

Debs - I can't remember everything which is why I keep reading it. Hopefully one day it will be imprinted into my brain!

Jan - I know it's not even Feb 1st! I provided the link to prove I didn't photo shop it :-)

B- it's wednesday today so I hopw to hear of great progress!

Julie - character sheets sound very organized! I'm impressed. I need to write the first draft before I know my characters well enough to do a sheet on them. Off to hang my head in shame.

Steve - Good luck with the next two passes!

Helen - I can't say enough good things about Maass. For me he makes sense.

Wordtryst - no photoshop I assure you but it was in the mountians and not at sealevel!

Pat Posner said...

I'm finally 'feeling the lurve' for writing again and am concentrating on a novella for MWPN.

Hope yours is going well, even though it's tough-going sometimes, it's fun when it is going.

liz fenwick said...

Glad to hear you are back in the groove Pat :-)