Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well, I dropped my parents to the airport at 6 am this morning and drove home in the dark. Christmas was fabulous and the past two days here in Cornwall have been clear, bright and blowy as hell - in other words brilliant for long walks to work off of the indulgences of Christmas dinner and the all the others in the lead up and them that followed. If I can make it work-tomorrow i want to post an excerpt or two from August Rock with some photos of the area. However the glitch might be that on my little lappy the trial version of office has expired and my copy of office 2003 is sitting in Dubai. So I can see my words but I can't do anything with them. Is someone trying to tell me something i wonder?
Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Ours certainly was.
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Jan Jones said...

Rewrite the words straight into blogger?

(great photo, by the way)

JJ said...

Oh Liz, only that living in two places is very, very hard.

I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas. All the best for 2009.

Debs said...

Love the photo too.

Glad you had a great Christmas, we did too.

All the best for a wonderful 2009.

HelenMH said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely time.

sheepish said...

So pleased you have had a lovely Christmas. Maybe 2009 will be the year for your writing, I do hope so as you work so hard.
Happy New Year to you.