Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I know how what my problem is.......my routine is out the window and therefore nothing is getting done or not at least the things that I want. Not that I am complaining about a week in Rome but it breaks routine big time. Rome was fabulous. I spent much of my time wandering the back streets inhaling expresso and absorbing the essence of the churches. One warm day just before noon I slipped into a small bascillica for cool peaceful reflection. Being a well raised and true Irish Catholic I knelt to say my prayers and make my three wishes (each time you enter a new church) when I was transported to another world. The organ above began playing the most sublime baroque music. I looked at the the vast paintings of the agony and extacy of the the lives of the staints and inhaled the scent of candle wax and was truly in a place where three senses met and blended to such an extent that thinking about it still brings me out in chills. I have always loved churches and enjoyed the blending of architecture and art to acheive a place that brings you closer to the divine. Music too has always had a way of reaching places inside. Smell is the sense that can invoke the strongest reaction. I have never put all three together and have them work something that left me breathless as the chords of the music spiralled up to the vaulted dome I was literally swept away..............

Enough of the glories of Rome and back to the reality of the writing life. I had optimistically brought the lap top thinking I would work on A Cornish House for at least an hour a day - hah more fool me. Who was I to even think I could work when Rome bathed in sunshine beckoned. So now back to Dubai I am struggling to get back into routine knowing I am winding up here for for the summer in Cornwall. So yet again routine goes out the window. Hopefully the old subconcious has been working while I wasn't.

Rome did bring three new books. The first was Pandora's Box by Giselle Green. This book was amazing. It takes a heart wrenching situation and treats it with such love, humour and lack of melodrama. All I can say say is five out of five - read it. The while idling away time on my own in cafes in Rome I read Wish You Were Here by Philippa Ashley. The perfect holiday read which kept me away from ogling the Italian men - 'nough said there. Finally on the return flight which was a bit conveluted due to over booking I read and unfortunately could not put down (over night flight - no sleep) The Bride Hunter by Amy Appleton. This story told in first person juggles many characters and I cared about each and everyone of them. It was a superb example in page turning writing told with heart and humour.

This bring me to a superb link here. Way to go Joanna Trollope - I love the term wit lit and I think Melissa Nathan has left a wonderful legacy with her prize for comedy romance. So here's to finally people acknowledging that women's fiction is good in fact better than good!


JJ said...

It's tough, the interruption from normal life isn't it? (I know, I know, it's Rome etc, but it's hard to get back to the flow.

Keep at it Liz.

Anonymous said...

Your descriptions of your church experience are wonderful...I felt right there.

But in all seriousness, you'll get no sympathy from me. ROME! I'm so jealous of your life.

I hope it was positively wonderful, it sounds like it was. You'll be back on track in no time.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks JJ:-)

Rebecca - Rome was simply fabulous and the experience in the church was probably the key highlight.....back on track???? Not until mid July me thinks! By then I'll be established in Cornwall :-)

Jan Jones said...

Mt heart bleeds, Liz. Really.

See you soon :) :)

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Wow more travels! How lucky are you?

How luck are we? We get to hear all about it.. Do tell all!

best wishes