Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Returns of the Day

Today I hit a middle milestone and I have to be honest here and say that I would prefer to hit it in better shape. Just last week I was declared clinically severely obese ( I carry all my weight about my middle), I am in the throws of menopause (a bit early not not unusually so), our life here is still on a temporary standing, and I still haven't cracked the getting published thing. However being the person I am I have to say that despite the above I am in good health as is the the whole family (thank God), we are not broke, I love my husband and children and they love me. So basically life is good in fact very good.

On the writing front I know that it will probably be at minimum book five or six that will break me through. Does this discourage me? A bit if I am honest but it won't stop me. Even if i never reach publication I will continue to write and hopefully to grow in my writing.

And with that thought I am back into A Cornish House trying to release the emotion that I know Maddie has but I have withheld from you deny your character anything?


Leatherdykeuk said...

I'm unpublished as yet and writing book seven. I think you'll crack it long before then.

Flowerpot said...

Good for you for persevering Liz. I know you will get there - we both will!

Jessica Raymond said...

((Liz)) Your fighting spirit is admirable -- I wish I had as much of it as you do.


liz fenwick said...

Rachel - isn't your book coming out this spring? I've been waiting to read your writing not on a screen!!!

I know you'll get there FP especially with all the journalism you are enjoying at the the moment!

Oh, Jess, you have a fighting spirit - it's just tired because of the littlie at the moment :-)

NoviceNovelist said...

Hi Liz, I haven't popped in for a while due to life and all its bits! You are always positive and that is an amazing way to be. I bet it won't take quite that many books to break through.

You are not alone on the middle age - weight bearing middle issue!!! It's a struggle to keep it at bay. I joined a gym last year just for that purpose - my husband and I refer to our visits there as 'maintainance' and damage limitation!!

JJ said...

Every time I've seen pictures of you you look completely gorgeous. I have always admired your determination and I don't doubt for a second that you'll get there.

liz fenwick said...

Novice- I like the 'maintainance' idea!!!

JJ you are too kind!!!

Biddy said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!

And you are an inspiration to me!

I also have that everything round the middle problem :-( grrr


Phillipa said...

Liz - sympathies on the middle. I actually *love* exercisng but my ankle condition stops me from doing all the things I'd like - like running miles and miles. I'm just waiting to get a lecture from some do-gooder at the health centre.... :) You'll hear the scram of frustration in Dubai!

Phillipa said...

MTA When I see you you always look totally gorgeous.

Susie Vereker said...

I cannot believe you are obese by any normal standards. You always look terrific and gorgeous. I am sure they're going to change their minds about the accuracy of that BMI chart in a few years. I have just calculated myself on the BBC website and am "overweight", as I knew. Oh dear. Starting another diet today. Problem is, waist has spread drastically, so I had better buy some magic underwear. Too hot for Dubai, I guess!

Thing is, Liz, your sentences about your family are the most important. That is what counts, as I have learnt.

But am sure you will get published in the end.

Happy birthday!

Kate Hardy said...

Happy birthday, Liz.

And, um, excuse me, but unless you've put on about five stone since I saw you in Feb, you're *not* severely obese. (In fact, you looked more glam than I did!!)

Keep going on the book front. Perseverance is key towards getting published (you're already doing the other key thing, taking on board comments so you can continue growing).

Big hugs
Kate xx

Nell said...

Happy Birthday! I follow Garfield's school of thought - 'I'm not overweight, I'm undertall.'

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Such positive thinking will help you perservere in everything. You have everything that matters, so relax and enjoy. :)

Anna Lucia said...

Happy Birthday Liz!!!

There are always exceptions to prove every rule. I sold my first book.... okay, so I'd written another two and a half before I sold it, but still... ;-)

And I completely understand the frustration and distress of being declared obese. I've taken a few cracks at losing weight, some more successful than others. My latest, and most fun, attempt is to join a local women's Morris side... I'm concentrating so hard on learning the steps and figures, I don't even notice being out of breath and sweating buckets... ggg

Good luck, and best wishes!

Lane said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Liz and in every photo I've seen of you, you look thoroughly glam, glowing and healthy.

You'll get there Liz (published I mean). I'm convinced of that.

Do I deny my heroine anything? Yes, so far I've denied her 'extremes'. She's been too busy watching everyone else's trauma. Time to throw something at her ... quite what, I'm not sure yet:-)

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Biddy - you look fabulous!

Phillipa, i hate running but love walking however the temperature is hotting up here which means a treadmill which is not as appealing! Good luck with the ankle and thank you for the kind words!

Yes, Susie the temperature is a bit warm for magic knickers here at the moment but they do help! You are so right - the most important thing is the love of my family :-)

Kate, that was Feb in London so yes i had had on said magic knickers!!! I don't know why but just recently I have gone splodge in the middle!!! You looked absolutely fabulous on the big day though!!! I have a picture or two to prove it some where.

Oh Nell, I could use a long time of the rack! Love garfield :-)

Alyssa, perserverance does so pay off - I'm pretty good at sticking to the writing lark but not sure about the diet!

Anna, that makes two writers I know who sold their first books!!! Can wait for yours to be in print!

Lane, picutres lie or I am very selective about which ones go out. I was tempted to post one taken this week that gives the game away but then maybe not......
Throw all you can at your dear heroine and see what happens!

sheepish said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday and don't believe those BMI tables. There are far more important things in life as you so rightly point out. And you have finished books which is a great achievement in itself.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Sheepish :-)

cs harris said...

It took me ten years to get published, Liz. If it's something you really want, you just keep knocking your head against that stone wall.

The one thing that finally got me on a diet and exercise program and keeps me there was my mom's post-Katrina stroke. I don't want to go through what she's going through, and I don't want my kids to go through with me what I'm going through with her. Vanity just never was enough of a motivator for me; this is.

Debs said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday (my birthday too coincidentally).

I know how you feel being a) pre-published (I do love that expression) and b) carrying a little more weight than I would prefer but I have to say that you always look beautiful in your photos.

KAREN said...

Perserverance is the key! It's normal to have a panic now and then though...I do frequently, as each year passes without a published novel to show for it, but something (I'm not sure what, the love of it, I suppose) keeps me going. You'll get there, and in the meantime, Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

We'll get there. I think Rachel is right. Perseverance is key and you are dedicated.

Kate.Kingsley said...

LOVE the positive attitude, Liz ~ well done you for focusing on all the good stuff, and not giving in to negativity.

Happy Birthday!


Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Believe in yourself, Liz.

My very best wishes to you and your family and good luck with your writing.


liz fenwick said...

C.S. - health is key to why I am sticking to this **** diet!

Debs you are too kind - photos can lie!

Karen and Lisa - perserverance, perserverance.......yeah, that thankfully I think I have - more fool me :-)

Thank you for the birthday wishes Kate and Annie :-)