Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Romantic Novelists' Assosciation List of The Perfect Hero

Below is the text of the list of RNA's List of the Perfect Heroes. I personally might order them a little differently ( 5,1,4,7,10, 2,8,3,6,9) though I totally agree with the criteria and certainly love my 'job' as described so well below! Which order would you put them?

'Johnny Depp and Pierce Brosnan make Romantic Novelists’ hearts throb.

Members of the Romantic Novelists’ Association have voted Johnny Depp as the Number One Perfect Romantic Hero in a poll to mark Valentine’s Day. According to these authors, a romantic hero should be gorgeous, deliciously sexy, intensely masculine and have a commanding presence.

‘We should be qualified to judge,’ one writer commented. ‘After all, we create these heroes on paper every day.’

The top ten male celebrities voted the Perfect Romantic Hero were:

1. Johnny Depp

2. Daniel Craig

3. Sean Bean

4. Richard Armitage

5. Hugh Jackman

6. Colin Firth

7. Alan Rickman

8. Pierce Brosnan

9. George Clooney

10. David Tennant

A second poll, taken by members of the RNA bravely admitting to being ‘over a certain age’, voted for male celebrities over fifty who’ve ‘still got it’. Remarkable for his appearance on both polls, Pierce Brosnan took the crownfor the over fifties by a huge margin.

The top ten Over-Fifty Perfect Romantic Heroes were:

1. Pierce Brosnan

2. Harrison Ford

3. Ranulph Fiennes

4. Bill Nighy

5. Liam Neeson

6. Sam Neill

7. Sean Connery

8. Peter O’Toole

9. Clint Eastwood

10. Omar Sharif'


Jan Jones said...

I'm still muttering about Viggo not making it.

Still, that means he's all mine, right?

liz fenwick said...

Oh, after the picture of him at the Baftas......he's gone orf a bit! Loved him in LOTR though :-)

Flowerpot said...

I particularly love bill nighy and Alan Rickman for their incredibly sexy voices! Tehre's another one too that isnt on the list but brain has packed up today!

DebORAH EDWARD said...

OK. First is ridiculously easy - 4 (Richard Armitage)



Deb said...

OK. First is ridiculously easy - 4 (Richard Armitage)



liz fenwick said...

Oh, Flowerpot I agree on the voices and I would add Jeremy Irons for voice alone!!!

liz fenwick said...

Debs, we're not too far adrift!

JJ said...

Hmmm, there are benefits to being the wrong side of forty, then. I can lust after most of the men on BOTH lists! Ha.

liz fenwick said...


Bex said...

Call me indecisive - but I can't decide. Can I have them all? Then like shoes I'd pick the one that suits my mood for the day.

Jane Henry said...

Hi Liz, great minds and all that. I had Johnny as my no 1 followed closely by Daniel, David and Richard. In fact I think I put them equal second cos I couldn't decide.

I also love Viggo in LTR (but not with THAT haircut), Jeremy Irons in absolutely anything, Clive Owen and Russell Crowe (but mainly in Gladiator)...

Isn't this fun?

liz fenwick said...

Brilliant idea Bex - why didn't I think of that????

It is sooooooooooooooooo fun - maybe one of top reason to write???

Barbara said...

Can't help it, you know. It IS all about Rickman. (Except for this Snape thing. He's perfect for the role, but honestly! What a horrible character.)

01) 7. Alan Rickman
02) 6. Colin Firth
03) 3. Sean Bean
04) 5. Hugh Jackman
05) 1. Johnny Depp
06) 9. George Clooney
07) 8. Pierce Brosnan
08) 10. David Tennant
09) 2. Daniel Craig
10) 4. Richard Armitage

liz fenwick said...

Barbara - I have to confess just having watched Harry Potter last night with the kids that I even fancy he when he's snape!!!!

Barbara said...

liz -- you've made me giggle...

Truly. Madly. Deeply.



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