Friday, March 23, 2007

The Nasty Bit

I'm posting at a very early hour this morning because today's the type of day where I might not touch the computer again. I have school run, book club, pick middle child from school for half term, return and collect dd, and finally dh returns from a week in Houston. So as much as I want to jump back in and write today I don't think it will happen. In fact it may not happen for a few days as tomorrow my dd makes her first confession sorry I should say reconciliation but that's a mouth full. Hopefully it will be a quiet Sunday with the whole family together as the kids and I leave on Monday to visit my parents in their new home in Florida. All these things are marvelous but don't seem to allow for much writing time which quite frankly stinks.

It stinks because I am in that mad rush at the end. This week I had written over 12, 500 words which is a hell of a lot. It's been a wild ride because the words and scenes keep tumbling out. I am very close to the end. Last night as I switched the 'puter off Serena had just crushed Madde to bits with a revelation about Mark. It hasn't really even hit Madde yet. She doesn't believe that Mark would do something like that even fifteen years ago. She thinks it's Serena being spiteful because Mark and Madde are now together and therefore being disloyal to Serena's dad. So the shit is hitting and will continue to hit the proverbial fan for the next five thousand words or so then its the pause before things sort themselves out.

It was quite tough writing those words which I knew were going to rip Madde's fragile bubble of happiness apart. I hated doing it to her. Things had finally started pulling her way even Serena seemed to be coming round.......Hopefully I can turn the whole thing back and set them on the route to happiness but I'm not sure until the words are out on the page. Therefore I hate leaving Madde in such pain while I romp off to sort my life out and then go on holiday. I must find time to write this weekend and maybe even on the plane if there is enough space - hah!

Still loving The Dream House and must fess up to fellow book club members that I ditched The Age of Innocence. Once upon a time I would have pushed on but now my reading time is to short!


Jessica Raymond said...

Isn't it fun when you start feeling about your characters as you would about real people in your life? :)

Jess x

Kate.Kingsley said...

Hi Liz,

AMAZING word count for the week ~ well done! I appreciate your frustration at not getting to crack on with it though. Sometimes it would be useful to have a "pause" button for real life, i think.

I love how you talk about your characters: they are obviously so real to you, and you care a lot about them, which must really enrich your writing,
Best wishes

liz fenwick said...

Yes, until you both commented on it I hadn't realized how real my characters were to me!

NoviceNovelist said...

Oh well done on your weekly word count - that is brillant Liz. Hope you get asome time to write during your hectic time!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

12500 words in a week is amazing. Hope you enjoy the holiday.

Kate said...

Oooh, Liz, we're neck and neck. Well done for the 12,500. Are you sure it's going to be 100,000? I was much encouraged by resetting my counter to 90,000!

liz fenwick said...

I am enjoying the holiday Zinnia :-)

Sarah I am going to have to be vigilant and rise early to get my writing done but with the jet lag it shouldn't be too hard.

Yes, Kat I think my word count for this draft will be 85/90k.....which makes what I have done so far look very good indeed!